Hello, this is Page Share 1.0 intern company marketing software for sheduling posts on Facebook pages

Allready registred users:

Please login to cpanel with credentials provided by the e-mail before.

If you are not registred yet, but we have reached the agreement, please reffer to support e-mail.

Bellow is short steps(detailed in mail):

You have two option to register with app.

NOTE: Both options will provide full access to your Facebook page(s), conected with your profile.

What that means?

Page Share web application will be used to schedule posts to your Facebook page by our marketing specialist or by yourself as we agreed before.


Page Share ONLY store information about post time, post url and post title. There is no other information (cookies, personal data and other) that we store on our system.


Depending to our agreement:
1) Provide our marketing specialist Editor role on your page.
2) You can manually provide access to our app with Facebook graph explorer(visit-> https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/1439358739620357).
Preview step.
Please READ and REVIEW the info you provide us by APP. (publish_pages, manage_pages). Refere HELP image(1)
Last step is to provide us access token that you generate by the link above. Refere HELP image(2)

NOTE: This App is not for public use. Only our intern and company clients can use this app.
If you are using option 2, please use Editor role to register on App.

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